Public Hearing - Issuance of Refunding Bonds - 6:00 PM

Town of New London
Notice of Public Hearing
6:00 PM, Wednesday April 7, 2021


Pursuant to the provisions of RSA 33:3-d, the Board of Selectmen of the Town of New London will hold a public hearing to discuss the possible issuance of refunding bonds.  The proceeds of these refunding bonds would be used to refinance approximately $2,757,209.00 in current Town indebtedness in order to achieve interest cost savings and to pay certain costs of issuing the refunding bonds.   


Remote access via

Meeting ID: 982 6767 6278   Passcode: 507062

Or by telephone: 1-646-558-8656 or 1-301-715-8592: Meeting ID: 982 6767 6278

 For difficulties accessing the hearing, call 603-526-1240 or email

If the public is not able to gain and maintain access, the hearing will be adjourned.