K-9 Officer, Vilo
             Dog Licensing Click tile to renew license.
               Residents who have renewal notices may also renew by mail, online or come in
               to our office by April 30thSee below for late fees.

               Please note that we cannot renew the license without an up to date rabies certificate. 
               New dog registration instructions:
               Either mail or come in to register.                  
1.  Fill out the dog registration form below
2.  Include the current rabies certification
3.  Include license fees
                 License Fee:   
Male & Female Dogs         $9.00
Neutered & Spayed Dogs $6.50
Puppies (up to 1 year old)        $6.50
Senior Owner (1 per household)    $2.00
   **Puppies 4 months of age & older must be registered by April 30th of each year.

               Failure to renew your dog license is a violation of RSA 466:13 and subjects
               you to 
a $1.00 late fee penalty per month.

               A $25.00 forfeit will be assessed if not licensed by June 26th.

               Owners are liable for dogs running at large.

               Any questions, please call 526-1244 or 1245 for the Town Clerk's Office.