2023 Statistical Update


Municipal Abatement Application

Final Values by Owner

Final Values by Map and Lot

Final Values by Location 


Final values are also available to view on the Axis GIS Website 


Supporting Data and Statistics 



          1. The assessors verify data and calculate the new values (June)
          2. Letters are mailed to all property owners with the new values (early July) 
                • View your property card, with the preliminary value, here: https://axisgis.com/Tri_TownNH (use the Search feature on the left side of the screen to find your property, click Documents & Links and then select the  Avitar_Property_Card) 
                • You may also use the links at the top of this page to view PDF documents for all preliminary values in town.
          3. Phone appointments are available to anyone who wants to speak with an assessor (July) 
          4. The Assessors review all the feedback received and make adjustments to the preliminary data, as needed. 
          5. All property values for the town are sent to the NH State Department of Revenue (August) 
          6. The State sets the new tax rate (The rate was finalized and released 11/9/23)
          7. The final tax bills are generated based on the new values and the new tax rate (November)
          8. The date "the town mails the second tax bill to the taxpayers" is considered your notice of tax under RSA 76:1-a (b) and "any person aggrieved by the assessment of a tax by the selectmen or assessors and who has complied with the requirements of RSA 74, may, by March 1, following the date of notice of tax under RSA 76:1-a, and not afterwards, apply in writing (...) for an abatement of the tax." Abatement applications are available on our website (here), in our offices, or by calling the Land Use and Assessing Coordinator. ⇐We are here


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