Waste Reduction Committee

Committee Members

Gerald Coogan, Chair
Gerry Gold, Secretary
John Ellis
Joy Kubit
Chris McKee
Elizabeth Meller
Maureen Prohl
Bill Helm, Selectmen's Representative







Trash Tips 

  1. Recycle plastic grocery bags, plastic lunch bags, plastic bread wrappers etc. in the two bins to the left at the Transfer Center; make sure the plastic is clean.
  1.  Rinse out plastic bottles and cans to be recycled.
  1.  Bring your own reusable bags to any store
  1.  Use wax paper or reusable wax covered cloth instead of clear plastic wrap
  1.  Use wax/silicone sandwich bags instead of plastic zip locks
  1.  Purchase laundry detergent in sheets, pods, or boxes instead of large plastic bottles
  1. Use a clothesline or drying rack in the basement to reduce dryer time
  1. Try out lotions, shampoo, and conditioner in bar form rather than bottles
  1. Use toothpaste, hand soap, dish soap, and multi-surface cleaning products that come in a tab form – add water
  2. Divert food scraps to a backyard compost pile
  3. Use a paper grocery bag to line the plastic kitchen trash can; throw paper trash bag in the hopper rather than the plastic bag