Vehicle/ Boat/ Trailer Registrations


E-Registration  Click to pay your bill online      Registration Estimates  Click to get registration estimates


Or mail payments to:     Tax Collector
                                      375 Main Street, New London, NH  03257

For questions call:         (603) 526-1244 or 1245   

A current, government-issued photo identification card must be presented to the Town Clerk for ALL Motor Vehicle transactions per RSA HB 391.

If you want to register a vehicle (Car, Truck, Trailer, RV, etc.) that’s new to you please download the checklist needed to help you gather & prepare all the necessary documents required.

Registration renewal letters will be mailed a couple of weeks prior to the month expiring. Renewing online requires your PIN # which is located at the top of your renewal notice.

Only the NH DMV can issue 20 day temporary plates so please contact them at (603) 227-4000. 


For NEW boats & trailers view the checklist named "Checklist for Reg of Boats & Boat Trailers" to help you gather & prepare all the necessary documents to register it.

Renewal letters are mailed to you by the state. In order for us to process your boat renewals please add an additional $5 to your renewal amount & make check payable to Town of New London.