Important sewer and septic system reminders:   

Just because the product label says it’s flushable and it disappears from view doesn’t mean you should flush it.  Even the flushable wipes do not disintegrate quickly enough or break down all the way.    Frequently, flushed wipes hit a 45-degree elbow within your plumbing pipes causing a blockage and then backup.  Please do not be tempted to flush anything other than toilet paper; instead put them in the trash so not to cause plumbing issues and backups for you or for your town systems.  Save yourself plumbing bills and get in the habit of throwing it out with the trash.


What if I have to use tissues or paper towels?  
Please flush only toilet paper.  Tissues and paper towels are made to be strong which means they will not disintegrate quickly or at all once in your pipes.  No one wants to clean up a sewer waste especially not now.  Make it a priority to find what works in your household to dispose of them with your trash.

If you do experience a backup or a clog, remember that you are responsible for your sewer line from the toilet/kitchen sinks in your homes and businesses to the main line that connects to the town sewer line.  You will have to call a plumber to clean or unclog your pipes.

Therefore, please keep your systems in mind during this time and use proper practices to keep those systems flowing correctly.  These are the guidelines to follow always, however, with toilet paper in such short supply now is the time to not forget or be neglectful.

Thanks for helping to keep everyone healthy and safe.